Born 11th march. 2 cream pied boys.

We strive to breed the modern French Bulldog, ones that are DNA health tested free of any hereditary diseases and one that is bred to breath, run, jump and play!

We also strive to breed puppies that are conceived and whelped naturally. 
Our prices reflect this fact when we can if we dont have the huge vet bills normally associated with breeding french bulldog puppies. 
Our PET puppies now start at $2500 for brindle boys, $3000 for Brindle girls and for fawns, creams and pieds these start from $3000. If our girls do have C-section or we use an outside dog where a stud fee is paid then puppies may be more expensive in that litter. 
Our girls are our family, living inside as all dogs should do and we expect nothing less when placing one of their puppies. .


 Please read our waiting list info and contact us if you are after a puppy.